viernes, 13 de julio de 2007


Por fin, han llegado las vacaciones que he esperado desde hace tanto. Al fin un tiempo lejos para pensar un poco las cosas y tal vez tomar ciertas decisiones importantes a mi regreso. Hay muy poco tiempo para escribir algo jejeje, eso y que estoy muy cansado asi que solo publicare dos canciones en las que compuse y estuve grabando al fin con voz jejeje, con un player flash y con un link a la descarga de la cancion, el link que dice "download file" aparece despues de unos segundos en la pagina. Lo siento Saby esta ocasion no termine la de Boston, llego a mi casa muy noche y mi Ma seguro me corre si empiezo con mi escandalo despues de media noche jejeje. Bueno ps ahi van.



A drink to soften my weird view
get a glass and have one for me too
It feels they’re all looking my way... not again... go away
Paranoia gets me all too well

Getting a hold of me
Getting a hold of me...
Think im losing it again

Well, this is me
Not far from here
I lost myself
Now i’m in the dark
The darkest place
I can’t remember my own face
I just feel I’m much too crazy

I’m paranoid, paranoid... paranoid
I’ll lose control now
If I where you I’ll stay away from myself
I think I might just...

I’m fleeing faster from this ghosts
With jaws and claws they’re chasing... all night long
How could I sleep, if I’m not safe... I know
I’ll rather hide and escape them before too long

Getting close to me
Getting their hands on me
My hearth is about to give in

Time & Space


It’s been a while since i told you...
And you wouldn’t believe me
When I said I cared

I’ve been driving for hours
If I send you flowers
Will you hear me then

Here comes the rain
Falls all over the way

Trough time and space
It’s all wrong again
I’m leaving you now
For another land
But this I swear
I’ll see you again
Before I leave
Can’t leave this unsaid

The last I remember
It was dark I was tired
A loud noise was heared

There’s two cars, a disaster
It’s all wreckage and fire
It rains colder still

I feel no pain
I’m driving to you...

Turn around it’s all darkness
I’m not really driving...
I’m already dead

Trough time and space
It’s all wrong again
I’m leaving you now
For another land
But this I swear
I’ll see you again
But no matter what
This I need to say

If I had gotten there...
And knocked in your door...

If I’d say that I love you
wouldn’t you believe me
Would you give a damn

It’s been raining for hours
Please send me flowers
Now that i’m dead

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