miércoles, 19 de marzo de 2008

Sooo Green

Pues bueno, nos vamos a Manzanillo... a ver si esto se puede disfrutar estando solo 2 dias. Aqui publicando otra cancion mas. Esta vez fue un experimento muy interesante para mi por lo menos... pude ver que tanto mi estado de animo puede influir en lo que me nace escribir: al principio cuando empeze a componer esto estaba de un estado de animo bueno, la cancion empezo con un aire de ligereza y esperanza, la segunda parte la complete un par de semanas despues, cuando mi animo no era tan bueno y ps el resultado bueno ps salta a la vista, a partir del minuto 2:20 la cancion cambia de animo casi como si fuera otra, en fin, a mi me gusto y aqui queda otra cancion en el archivo.


Here... I saw this Girl
an instant N electric thrill
I couldn't close my eyes
or turn my head, she's got me still

I saw her a few days later
and I said 'this is it!'
my heart was beating stronger
as I clumsily said 'Hi'

what's the problem
what's this feeling
I'm so nervous... barely breathing
now I notice... I can't function
when her eyes are looking
straight at me

what's the point
not quite so clever
brain is frozen
seems forever
Later then I told a friend
and she just told me
Boy... you are So Green at this...

Not a total loss...
We have been talking just a little
but little as it seems... I hold on hope
I'm so naive

Had a dream about her
It was our second date
I kind of messed up something
she laughed and said
You are So Green at this

Today the flame of hope is almost gone
Hope is but a candle in my hand... I still hold on to

I'm in this dark
In this great black hall, I keep the thought of you and I
I'm in this cold
cold as the corpse of dreams that I just left along the road

please somebody wake me!!
please someOne just help me up...
why won't somebody wake me!!
and let me leave this nightmare in the past

i wonder is this my fault?
don't know where i messed up now
but again got my hopes up
all exited beforehand

and after all this years
I just can't help myself
It's just like the first time, I must say
... I'm still Green at this...

2 comentarios:

BC dijo...

hola como estas?
ya hacia un buen rato que no veia tu blog veo que has puesto varios posts que apenas lei. y este último , creo que tienes buenas ideas para las canciones pero como esta muy triste. pero tu sigue practicando.

Abdel dijo...

Muy buena melodia!!.. circula demaciada nostalgia por esas notas y esa letra.. esperemos que sea inspirada en hechos no propios!! buena voz!! excelente!!